Pool Savings
Pool Savings is a wealth management service dedicated to improving the income of participating miners. Miners can deposit their mined coins directly into Pool Savings to boost their income.
Pool Savings features include:
1. Funding for Pool Savings can only be obtained from mining, and cannot be transferred from Spot accounts.
2. Once redeemed, Pool Savings funds cannot be redeposited into Pool Savings. However, you are free to invest those funds in another Binance Savings wealth management product.
3. Funds deposited into Pool Savings are deposited on day T1 and take effect on day T1+1.If you need to redeem your funds, you must visit the Pool Savings page to initiate the redemption process. Redeemed funds will land in your Pool Account the next day.
4. Earnings from Pool Savings Flexible Savings products will fluctuate with the market. Binance Pool has the right to reasonably distribute and modify the interest rate for Pool Savings.